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When you feel like giving up.
Don (D) and Ronnie (R)
I(This skit was used as an intro to a sermon on encouragement. Text Nehemiah 4.6-14)

R.I can't go on. I can't go on. I just can't go on!
D. What do you mean you can't go on?
R. It's our puppet school play on this Friday night and I just can't
   remember all my lines. I get so nervous in front of people. My knees start to shake. I get heart palpitations. I break out on red spots. I'm going to have to quit. I'm going to tell Ms Pinocchio I just can't do it!
D. Hang on a minute Ronnie. If you don't do your part, how's it going to effect all the other actors in the play? Have you talked to your teacher about how you feel?
R. Not yet.
D. What if I helped you learn your lines?
R. I don't know
D.Look here I've just been reading in the Bible about Nehemiah
R. (aside) Little guy...
D. about some Israelite people who were re-building a wall around their city and they felt like giving up (especially when other people were making fun of them), but they didn't. They kept on going.
R. Great! But were they building their wall in front of the whole school, parents, and Jennifer J?
D, No they weren't. But they did feel great when God helped them get the job done. How about I help you practice your lines and we make sure that your teacher is right there at the side of the stage to call out to you any parts you might forget?
R. Well O.K. then. I'll give it a go.
D. Just tell me what are some of the lines you have to memorize?
R. (very deliberately) "I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle here is my snoutthat's where I run out.
D. That shouldn't be too difficult. I could also teach you some actions to help you remember the rest. (You could involve the  children/audience by getting them to sing the 'teapot song' with Ronnie).
R. Gee thanks a lot. Do you think I could go on "Puppet Idol"?
D. First things first Ronnie.