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Ventriloquism script or puppet play

2 Characters- Bentley Offenbach, thedog &  Don


D. Hi there Bentley. How are you ?

B. Woof ! Woof !

D. Come on Bentley, I know you can talk.

B. Yeah well,  I haven't been feeling too good lately.

D. Oh Bentley. Why not ? What's the matter ?

B. Well everything seems to be going wrong lately.   My friend Napoleon B who's in the army has been transferred to another post.  I ate some table scraps...and got splinters in my tongue..(sadly) And now I'm putting on lots of weight. I looked in the mirror and I saw my double chin ..double eyes..

D. (interupting) Oh Bentley. Things can't be that bad. Hang in  there. Did you ever hear the story of the dog who waited and waited for his master to return (Australian story about the dog who sat on the "tuckerbox")  while faithfully guarding the food box .

B. Yeah, I guess I keep thinking about my own problems when there are lots of dogs on the streets out there that have no one to care for them.

D. Oh  Bentley. You've got to keep your chins up..sorry chin up. One thing I appreciate about you is you're always pleased to see me.

B. (licks D on the cheek.) Nice aftershave..smells like bones

D. Thanks,  I don't wear aftershave.  Say do you like music ?

B. Only classical... Bach....Offenbach.

D. Would you like to help me with this song. We're going to sing about God the creator who's there for us in so many ways. ..You can sing can't you ?

B. I can hold a not longer than the Commonwealth bank. I may be overweight but I sing very flat..

D & B  lead the song .


Don Stott


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