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Easter Search

Bentley (dog puppet) and Don

D. Hi there Bentley !  How are you going ?

B. Woof ! I'm doing well Mr. Stott. I'm on the the trail of  the most amazing smell.

D. Well I'm sure it's not my aftershave. Do you have any clues about what it could be ?

B. Well I know it's got to something to do with Easter.

D. Could it be the smell of chocolate ? Easter eggs ?

B. No, I know the smell of chocolate. I  don't like to eat it but I sure love to smell it.

D. Well then could the smell be a hot cross bun ?

B. Hot cross bunny ?

D. Oh Bentley, ... bun. Hot cross bun.

B. Yes, that's it ! I remember from last year. Such a BEAUTIFUL smell. (exaggerated smelling and sniffing actions)

D.(continuing while Bentley smells) We have Easter buns leading up to Easter. They're  one of the special things about Easter time.

B. Hot Cross Buns....(thinking)  Is that like a Collie cross or a German shepherd cross ?

D. Oh Bentley, they're breeds of dogs. The cross on the top reminds us about Jesus dying on a cross of wood a long time ago. It's a reminder of  God's great love for us

B. I'd better keep tracking that smell. I know there's a bun hidden nearby somewhere ?

D. Are you going to eat it for dinner ?

B. Oh no. When I find it I want to bury it of course ! It'll taste wonderful in a couple of weeks.

D. Oh Bentley !


Don Stott, 2000


Hot Cross Buns

Easter chant

a woofly welcome from Bentley !