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Don't  Argue


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Don't Argue

Bentley-dog puppet and Don

This script was used to introduce some teaching from 2 Timothy 2:14-26

D. Hi Bentley! I haven't seen you in ages. How are you ?

B. (Bentley just shakes his head)

D. Come on Bentley-talk! That's what talking-dog-puppets do.

B. (Shakes his head even more strongly)

D. (Thinks, and then speaks to audience)  I know. "Knock, knock."

B. 'Who's there? ' Oh, you tricked me into talking. Well who is there anyway?

D. Ummm. Let me see. Alfred. Alfred is there.

B. Alfred who?

D. Al fred the needle so you can do some sewing.

B. But dogs don't sew anyway.

D. I know that, but I was trying to find out why you weren't talking to me. So tell me why?

B. Well yesterday I had a BIG argument with Rolly, my cousin. He had come over to my place to help me with a serious digging project in the back garden. I'd been to "Bone-ings" (substitute local hardware store)  to get all the gear we would need and then it started..

D. What started?

B. It's hard to say really. We had this quarrel about sunscreen. "Should dogs wear it or not?"   It sounds a bit silly now but we went on and on having this argument until Rolly got himself all worked up into a lather and raced off home in big "woof". We didn;t even start digging at all. It was a wasted afternoon all round.

D.So now you've decided that 'not talking" is going to solve the problem??

B. Well I guess if I don't say anything then I can't put my 'paw in it ". If you know what I mean.

D. But maybe if you give Rolly a call or go and see him you could work things out between you.

B. Yeah I guess so. It was a pretty stupid thing to disagree over. It's just that I was brought up on
"Lick, Slop, Lap" when it comes to sunscreen.

D. Well Bentley it may surprise you to know that people also argue over all sorts of silly things at times. It's so easy to get sidetracked from what's really important and to waste a lot of time. I find that sometimes
as a Christian I have to carefully watch what I say or else I...

B. (interupting) "Bark up the wrong tree?" If you know what I mean.

D. Exactly.

B. Well I'm off to talk to Rolly to sort things out.

D. Goodbye Bentley!

B. Woofya!

(c) Don Stott, http://Eliab.com, 2006

2 Tim 2:23   "Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels."