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Christmas is Coming


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Christmas is Coming

C= Coco ( bird puppet) , D= Don Suitable for a school setting.

D. Hi there Coco !   Are you still waking up ?

C. I'ts too early in the morning. I just had my breakfast ..Coco-pops. Hey ! What are all these boys and girls doing there ?..

D. and teachers

C. Did you know I used to be teacher's pet.. she ysed to keep me in a cage at the back of the class.

D. Coco the reason all the children and teachers are here is because we're having our special Christmas program.

C. Well I know about Christmas. It's that time of the year when people buy lots of presents, eat lots of food, decorate a Christmas tree and then throw it out in the garbage two weeks later.

D. Well those are some of the things that happen around Christmas time but the reason we have Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

C. ...Like a birthday party ! I love birthdays. I went to a party for my cousin Beaky last week. So why is the birth of Jesus so important to humans ?

D. Well nearly 2000 years ago God's Son Jesus was born at Bethlehem.

C. I can see why that's worth celebrating..singing.. Do you dance as well ? What about the Christmas congo..conga. What happened to Jesus ? Did he grow up in a king's palace with lot's of servants and pet parrots ?

D. No, well actually he was born in a stable with parents who were very poor. When he grew up he did lots of good helping people and healing people until he was crucified on a cross ( killed).

C. Hey, hold your humans ! You mean God's Son was killed.

D. That's right. Even though he hadn't done anything wrong. He had come to earth to save us from the wrong things we had done. Many people didn't believe in Him.

C. Jesus certainly sounds very special to me. No wonder you are singing Christmas songs about him. you know, I'd really like to meet Carol.

D. Carol who ??

C. Well the sign out the front said " Carol's Celebration' . I guess it should say " Jesus' Celebration !"

D. I guess you're right Coco.

C. Well I'd better fly ! I feel like singing carols myself.

D. No, I've heard you sing and I think you'd be better off miming.

C. You can talk !!


Don Stott



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