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Christmas Promises


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Christmas Promises

A puppet or vent. play for two. Ronnie (R) and Don (D).

This play was used to introduce the worship service with the aim: "To see that in the birth of Jesus, God has kept his promise."

D. Ok Ronnie, would you like to play a kind of game with me ?

R. Oh great, I love games. How do we play ?

D. Well, first I have to say a little rhyme like this -

"Can you keep a secret ? Promise not to tell.

You musn't laugh, you musn't cry, but do the best you can."

R. So what's the secret ?

D. No, you've got to promise not to tell first.

R. Promise what ?

D. Not to tell anybody the secret.

R. Well O.K., but how will I know I can promise not to tell, when I don't know what IT is?   The secret might be about something I really, really like and then I won't be able to stop myself telling everyone.

D. Ronnie, just 'promise not to tell' and then we can get on with it!

R. O.K., but I warned you.

D. I'm going to tell you the secret now. Ready...

R. In front of all these people ??

D. No Ronnie. I'll whisper it in your ear. (whisper, whisper)

R. Well, well, well ! I don't know whether to laugh, cry or just shout hooray ! You've bought my Christmas present already !

D. (stunned) Ronnie. You promised not to tell !

R. (quickly) Yeah but I was only telling you and you already know.

D. In front of all these people.

R. Oh. Sorry. I got a bit excited. I'm not too good at keeping promises I'm afraid.

D. Well I know someone who is...

R. (dejected) And you want to play the game with them?

D. No Ronnie it's all right. I was thinking about how God made lots of promises to send a Saviour to the world to help people.

R. But that's not a secret ! Can't you read that in the Bible ?

D. Well yes you can read about God's Son Jesus coming to earth on the first Christmas night.  Jesus was the promised Messiah people had been waiting for.

R. How about I teach you another game? Do you want to play ?

D. O.K then.

R. Promise?

D. What's it called ?

R. It's called "What's my Christmas present?

D. (whispers in Ronnie's ear)

R. (blurting out before hand goes over mouth) Wow! that's great I've always wanted a ....

(c)Don Stott, http://Eliab.com, 2004


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good news

Isaiah 7:14

"Therefore the Lord himsellf will give a sign. the virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel."