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Christmas Bulletin

Cast:  D= Don

           R=Ricky Star (ventriloquist dummy) or use a puppet

D. O.K Ricky, I need your help.

R. I'll give you a hand. Just turn your back this way

D. Now what I want you to do is to pretend you are a news reporter who is reporting on the first Christmas- The Nativity story.

R. Can I use your microphone?

D. Yes of course.

R. Where do we start?

D. The first bulletin is from Nazareth, outside the home of Mary- mother of Jesus.

R. This is Ricky Star coming to you live  Am I live?

D. For this script you are.

R. Right. I have just spoken to Mary's parents who have told me about the amazing story of their daughter seeing an angel who told her that she was going to have a special baby. Both Mary's parents are very concerned about what all this means.

Further news as it comes to 'mouth'.

D. Comes to hand.

R. I didn't want to bring up 'the hand' again.

D. Well O.K.

R. Where to next?

D. Well, Joseph and the pregnant Mary leave Nazareth because they have to be counted at the Roman census. It's busy on the road into Bethlehem as everyone is trying get there and find a place to stay.

R. Why didn't Joseph just call the travel agent and organize a hotel at Bethlehem?

D. They didn't have 'travel agents' in those days.

R. Joseph could have booked their 'flight to Egypt' while he was at it.


R. I was just asking. Now perhaps I should I speak to someone important, like a Roman official- about the census? Everybody had to be counted. Joseph, 1. Mary,1point 99. months

D. Well you could interview the innkeeper who at least let Mary and Joseph stay in his stable.

R. Right. Count me in.

D. 4,3,2,1

R. This is Ricky Star reporting LIVE from Bethlehem. I have an innkeeper here who let Mary have a place to stay to have her baby. Hang on, there's no innkeeper. ( to D) You'll have to be the 'dummy' innkeeper.

D. Really ?  Oh alright. Yes. There was no room anywhere in Bethlehem so I let The very tired and pregnant Mary stay in my stable.

R. I've just now spoken to a shepherd who visited the new-born baby Jesus. (I'm really getting in to this now.)

D. Go on..

R. Mr. Baatholemewe reported how angels had filled the sky and told them to come to Bethlehem to see the Christ-child. The shepherds said it wasn't really a "Silent Night  "Away in a Manger" as they crowded into the small stable but they agreed this baby is certainly 'one out of the box". As the shepherds praised God on their way back to their flock they told everyone the good news.

D. Well Ricky it certainly is an amazing story. The Bible tells us that Jesus came to earth to show all people just how much God loves us.

R. Not just the rich and famous. Jesus was a special king for everybody- even shepherds and shopkeepers and poor people like Mary and Joseph.

D. That's right. Well thanks for your report Ricky.

R. Have we time to interview one of the wise guys?

D. Wise men- Magi. No in our news report these men from the East have left their special presents for the baby king Jesus and have headed off home.

It's time to sign off now.

R. Good evening and goodbye this is the soon not to be LIVE Ricky STAR and the wisemen won't be following me.

(c) Don Stott, http://eliab.com, 2006





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