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Bread of Life


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Bread of Life

This script was used in a worship context with families to introduce the theme of "Jesus is the bread of life" (see John 6.35).  Puppet character + 1 adult , or Vent. puppet and ventriloquist. Ronny + Don.

D. Hi there Ronny ! How are you going ?

R. Not too bad Mr S. seeing I just had breakfast.

D. What did you have ?

R. A submarine sandwich ..... and I think it's about to surface.

D. I'm sure you'll be OK.  We're actually thinking this morning in church about bread.

R. Doh ....Are you hungry too ?

D. No Ronny we're going to look at some words that Jesus said ...

"I am the bread of life"

R. ....The bread of life...Do we eat him then ?

D. It's like this. We need food like bread to keep going and growing ..and we also need Jesus in our lives. He's the one who fills up people's lives. We get hungry for all sorts of things, but only Jesus can meet our deepest hunger or needs.

R. I think I sort of understand...   after all I am only a puppet !

D. ...And I'm only human. Jesus wants to be our very best friend all the time.... ( Ronny looks strange) What Ronny ?

R . I was going to say 'A crumb like you should have stayed in bread." ...but I won't ! ... I'll sing with you instead. We could do a duet !

D. We could try..

(They start singing to the tune of "You and me can we be buddies")

D." You and me, can we be buddies. You and me, can we be friends.

R. We'll be a great association, one that never ends.

D. You be the ham,

R. And I'll be the bread.

D. You be the  loaf..

R. You've got the middle-aged spread !

D. You be a slice of God's family and friends,

R. He's the greatest name in town !

D&R. (or altern) We'll tell the world,

 Jesus loves us

as we travel along...,

together - we belong !

(You will probably have to change the ending here to meet your local scene. We have a thing in Australia called a "Goods and Services Tax)

R. You know what ? If Jesus is the "bread of life", that's G.S.T. free!

God's Special Tucker. (tucker is an Aussie word for food)

D. Food for thought Ronnie.


Don Stott, copyright Eliab.com


Bread of life


John 6:35 "I am the the bread of life. He who comes to me will never be hungry."