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Bon Christmas!

For this short skit for a puppet (R) and a person (D) you need a Christmas 'bon bon' (in Australia) (substitute- cracker).

D. Well Ronnie it's nearly Christmas Day are you feeling excited?

R. Yeah I can't wait till tomorrow (or whenever).

D. What's the best part of Christmas for you?

R. I guess I'd have to say lot's of things really. I love getting presents of course but I also like giving presents. It's 'kinda' fun  buying things and then watching people get a surprise when they open the wrapping paper.

D. So you've wrapped some presents already have you?

R. Yeah, they're all under our Christmas tree, except Mum wouldn't let me wrap my sister Ronnetta's present.

D.What is it ?

R. I'm giving her a frog (and some jumper leads). He's in a special jar in the shed. Just waiting to surprise Ronnetta.

D. I'm sure she'll be surprised Now Ronnie I wanted to remind of the special reason why we give presents at Christmas time and I've brought something to do with Christmas to help me.

(present the bon-bon (Christmas cracker)

R. Oh I know about those cracker things. You hold on and pull. How do you think my arms got so long ?

D. Well there's something here that reminds us all about Christmas. I need two children to come up here and help me. (children come out)

First, we hold each end and pull till it goes "pop!"   (do this now)

The "pop" sound reminds us that the shepherds who were watching their sheep out on the hills near Bethlehem on that first Christmas night got a big surprise.

R. I get it. The angel "popped" up to tell the shepherds the news about the baby Jesus being born.

(getting worked up)

And soon the whole sky was rocking to the "top of the pops" praise music!.. Stereo angels filling the sky..

D. (interrupting) Hold on Ron, there's more yet. When we open the "bon-bon'(cracker) there are some other interesting Christmas reminders  inside. Usually there's a little present. That could remind us of the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus.

R. Gold , frankincense and smurfs.

D. Gold, frankincense and Myrrh - expensive perfume. It also shows us that God gave Jesus to the world as a present. And there's also the paper hat.- it's usually in the shape of a crown.

(hold up and put on one of the children out the front).

Jesus is a special kind of king come to earth and who had been promised by God from a long time ago.

R. What about the piece of paper inside?

( jokingly) "Help I am imprisoned in a "bon-bon" (cracker) factory!"

D. Well sometimes they have jokes which never seem all that funny but at other times they have a motto or wise saying. That first Christmas God gave us a special motto. One name that Jesus was called was 'Immanuel', which means 'God is with us!" That's the best thing to remember this Christmas isn't it?

R. I'm going to tell my sister all about the Christmas "bon-bon"(cracker) when we have dinner tomorrow.

 In fact I've just thought of a great place to put my 'special present' for her. I'm sure she'll get a big surprise. I'd better 'hop to it'.

Have a happy Christmas!

D. You too Ronnie.

(c) Don Stott, http://Eliab.com, 2004

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