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Against the tide

Vent puppet Ronnie and Don (or 2 puppets)

D. Hi Ronnie how are you going ?

R. I'm not too bad Mr. Stott, except I've been having a bad time with some of my school friends.

D. What's been happening ?

R. Oh, some kidsat school have been picking on me and calling me names.

D. What sort of names ?

R. It's a bit embarassing..you see, they say I'm skinney and they call me "Splinter" and Gus said i looked like a thermometer with arms.

D. Well you shouldn't worry about being called names.

R. I'm not worrying. I've taken up weight lifting.

D. Wait, that's good.

R. No. That's bad. i strained my buttock. Now i've got a soft cushion to sit on.

D. That's good.

R. No that's bad. My brother said I was crazy to take up weight lifting. He said I might strain myself. My mum also didn't want me using her weights. Can you imagine how embarassing it is for a puppet to carry around a cushion just so you can sit  down ?

D. Yeah, that's not good.

R. It's really bad, ...in fact..deep seated..bottom line.

D. So you've given up ?

R. What ?

D.   The weight lifting.

R. No I want to keep going. I just lift weights sitting down.

D....on a cushion.. Is it working ?

R. Yes, it's very comfortable.

D. No, I mean, is the weight lifting working ? Are you getting any stronger ?

R. Yes I am, just look at this muscle.

D. That's bad..I mean, that's good.

R. I don't care what they say. You can't see it ..yet, but I'm going to keep on going.

D.Sometimes we have to stand-up for what we believe even when it's hard to keep going.

R. That's good. Sometimes we have to stand up... and put up with a pain in the butt.

D. You'll be mighty strong if you keep on with those weights.

(Could lead into singing "He's a mighty God" or other similar chorus.)


Don Stott




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