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The Carpenter's Cradle


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The background for this poem is Matthew 1:18-25 . It was used as part of a sermon on this passage and was read with an improvised piano backing.

The Carpenter's Cradle

Timber now fashioned, and rough sanded down

With piles of fresh shavings strewn on the ground.

The carpenter ponders each joint and straight edge

Puts down his tools upon the work ledge.


With things to 'consider' he returns to 'his wood'

And enquires of the Lord, 'What's for the good?'

The angel commanded him,"Mary must stay".

It's now clear his fear shouldn't stand in his way.

With each hammer and join, things start to take shape

He's resolved to move forward, he can't hesitate.

Shifting his stool, he then starts to plane.

Sometimes it's hard to go 'gainst the grain.


Finally he smiles, 'It's all God's design.'

His weathered hand feels what's smoothed, now fine.

This small baby Jesus, a gift to mankind

Will no longer rest in a meagre old manger

But will peacefully rock in this carpenter's cradle.


© Don Stott, 2005, http://eliab.com



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