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The Lost Coin


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The Lost Coin

Luke 15:8- 10

Find your broom,

Sweep this room,

Your coin has rolled away. (Oh, no!)

Hold up the light,

Search through the night.

Ah, there it is! Hooray! (Yay!)


Come friends, rejoice!

Lift up your voice,

What's lost at last is found. (Good News!)

No longer stressed,

The Lord has blessed,

So show your coin around. (Look here!)


Hear angels sing,

Bring offerings,

Their anthem chorus raise. (Da, Da, Da-Da!)

There's cause to cheer,

Found sinner's here,

Returned, to give God praise! (Praise the Lord!)

(c)Don Stott, http://eliab.com, 2006


This chant could be sung ( with an echo after each line) or used with three groups each saying a verse or with a leader reading the chant and others join in the response in brackets.

Luke 15:8- 10

Lost Coin