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The Good Shepherd Rap


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The Good Shepherd Rap

(Sheepeshly with clicks on the beat)

The good shepherd lies in the doorway to wait.

He watches his sheep, though the night is now late.

The sheep are  sleeping, soundly to date.

All the sheep who came in through the good shepherd gate


CHORUS : 1.       2.          1.          2.        1.        2.      1.        2.

               Baa, Hooray,  Baa, Hooray,  I say,  I say,  Baa, Hooray !

The sheep know the shepherd, He calls them by name.

The shy, the headstrong, the show-off, the lame.

He'd give up his own life. His love is so strong.

For each wayward sheep that may stray or go wrong.


So follow the shepherd who knows the best way,

To green growing pasture and places to play.

He'll keep you from harm, search and heal if astray.

For  he's  the Good Shepherd. He loves you today.



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