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Gideon, Gideon

Gideon, Gideon donít you hide!
Canít you see Godís on your side?
Gideon, Gideon trust Godís way.
His victory is on itís way.
The might of Midian will soon fall.
Step out now and hear his call! (x2)
Gideon, Gideon whatís this fleece?
You think with this youíll find Godís peace?
Your testing ways with dry and dew
Just mean Godís still calling you.
So rally the men, itís time to fight
Godís got Midian in his sights!(x2)

Gideon, Gideon, hereís the deal
Men of faith will find Godíhem drink.
The men alert are the oneís who think.
Choose the few, for God will show
His strength and power still helps men grow!(x2)

Gideon, Gideon, watch them flee.
Godís great strength brings victory!
Gideon, Gideon, prepare attack
With jars and trumpets. Donít look back!
Lift your torch high in the night
With the Lord and sword youíl win the fight! (x2)

(repeat twice soft to very loud- Gideonís men beat the

© Don Stott,
http://eliab.com, 2006

Go Gideon go!

Gideon dramatic reading