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Exodus Echo Chant


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Exodus Echo Chant


1.We get tired carrying burdens

We get crushed everyday (clap,clap)


(L) Weary !...  (All) Weary! (Bending

(L) Worn out !.. (All) Worn out ( hands outstretched)

Pharoah's slaves with no pay.

Pharoah's slaves with no pay.


2. Give us water to drink !

Give us water we pray ! (clap, clap)


(L) Thirsty ...(All) Thirsty (hands on either side of head)

(L) Dry lips ...(All) Dry lips (circle lips with finger)

We must drink today !


3. You brought us up out of Egypt.

You brought us out here to die !

(L) Wand'ring...(All) Wand'ring ( hands circle)

(L) Desert ... ( All) Desert (right hand sweeps out)

Land bare and dry.

Land bare and dry.


4. Give us food for our stomachs

Give us food now we say.

(L) Hungry ! ... (All) Hungry (both hands rub stomach)

(L) Starving !...(All) Starving  (both hands run down sides of body )

We're wasting away

We're wasting away !

(C)Don Stott, http://Eliab.com


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