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Christmas Call to Respond

Congregation read aloud the second line in each couplet.     L=Leader  , A= All

L . Christ the Promised One has come !

A. Help us recognise your Son.

L. Shepherds gave praise from the heart.

A. Lead us all to do our part.

L. Ruler, King..though baby small

A. Rule our lives, please use us all.

L. Kept out of the inn that night

A. Open up those lives shut tight.

L. Star shone brightly where He lay

A. Help us follow now His way.

L. We decorate this Christmas tree

A. Remind us Lord, you died for me.

L. Angels singing, shepherds scared

A. Help us see your peace is shared.

L. Jesus came to save from sin

A. Calls us now to welcome Him.

   Calls us now to welcome Him.


Don Stott


Christmas Shout

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