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Body Shake Rap


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Body Shake Rap

Practise using movements to a rap beat.

March around.

Up and down,

Shake a hand,

Now make a sound ('woof, moo, cockle-doo-de-do!')

Wriggle, wriggle, wobble, flop.

Run now,

Faster, faster - stop!



Reach up high-

Now touch the ground.

Give a clap, then turn around.

Shout out loud-

"Our God is great!"

Wave your arms

Let's celebrate!


Raise your hand

And give me five.

"Gee it's great to be alive!"

Tickle, tickle, shake your shoe

Tell your friend-

"God loves you!"


Chorus repeat ( I say -)


© Don Stott, 2005, www.Eliab.com



God is great!


A rap for younger chiildren