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BIG Fish


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BIG Fish ! - Action Chant on Jonah for younger children.


BIG fish , BIG fish, (make fish movements with arms.)

Swimming in the sea.

BIG fish, *swish ,*swish. (*rub hands against each other)

Who can you see ? (hands up to eyes like goggles)

Open-up your BIG mouth (make big mouth with both arms)

Wide as can be -

Swallow up Jonah (close arms/mouth and clap)

You'll have him for tea ! (rub tummy)


BIG fish, BIG fish,

Swimming in the sea

BIG fish, swish, swish.

Does Jonah taste yummy ? (rub tummy)

Can't keep this man down (point down at stomach)

In your BIG fish tum-my, (or , God's heard his plea)

Have to bring him up and set him free ! (jump into air with hands raised)

Whoopee !


Don Stott, Eliab.com, 2002



Jonah and the BIG fish.

Jonah 3